Comics: There are two words to describe this one-panel preview of "Pinocchio Vampire Slayer 2" and two words only: vampire pirates. [Pinocchio Vampire Slayer]

Webcomics: If you ever think that myself, assistant editor Caleb Goellner or any of the other work-at-home ComicsAlliance contributors have the best work environment of all time, read this webcomic. There are pro's and con's to every situation, my friends! [The Oatmeal]Digital: "In Maps and Legends," the webcomic created by Mike Jasper and Niki Smith for Zuda Comics, has found new life following Zuda's massive line-wide changes. [Robot 6]

Comics: Mmm. Daredevil cake. Who wants to bet that it's made out of... devil... food? Oh, and there's some news about the recent Marvel editorial summit in New York City, if you're interested in that sort of thing. [The Beat]

Conventions: Power Morphicon launches today, and to celebrate the event, Scott Shaw! crafted an awesome Green Ranger tribute poster. And, yes, it goes without saying that the Green Ranger is the best Power Ranger (and character) of all time. [Robot 6]

Geekery: Geek Girl Diva ponders the question: "Why do female geeks feel the need to judge/compare/denigrate other female geeks 'geekness'?" [Geek Girl Diva]

Geekery: Put your sci-fi knowhow to the test by correctly identifying 36 letters used from the logos of movie, comic and game titles in this geek eye chart. [Blastr]

Characters: Ben Morse pays tribute to the Super Skrull. [The Cool Kidz Table]