Art: Captain America, Iron Man, Superman and other superheroes assemble together to create the League of Periodic Elements. Or something like that. [Zero Lives via Super Punch]

Comics: Here are ten of the most mortifying moments in Wolverine's history. His Australian accent really is worth hanging your head in shame over. [io9]

Comics: Michel Fiffe's got some killer sample pages from his upcoming contribution to the "Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies" slated to run as backups throughout the year in the core "Savage Dragon" title. [MichelFiffe]

Toys: Missed out on the fifth wave of DC Universe Classics action figures? You're in luck - a reissue of the entire series is on the way. [Action Figure Insider]

Television: The fabled BBC Scotland series from Grant Morrison, Paul McGuigan and Stephen Fry now has a title - Bonnyroad. [Bleeding Cool]

Trailers: A new "Kick-Ass" trailer is out. Does it kick ass? You be the judge. [Comic Book Resources]

Conventions: Al Gore plans to bring his war on global warming to this year's Comic-Con International! Well, not exactly, but close. [The Beat]

Hollywood: At ShoWest, Alan Horn of Warner Bros. allegedly announced his hopes to turn the DC Comics pantheon into the company's new "Harry Potter" franchise. Minus the wizardry and the he-who-must-not-be-named and the polyjuice potions, I assume. [Slash Film]

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