Art: Wonder Woman's loss is Aquaman's gain. [Chris Samnee]Television: Jeph Loeb discusses some of his plans as the newly appointed Head of Television at Marvel Entertainment. [Newsarama]

Dance: The New York Times reviews Art Spiegelman and Pilobolus's "Hapless Hooligan in 'Still Playing' " at Dartmouth College [New York Times]

Customs: This custom-made Conan action figure modeled after the Masters of the Universe Classics line wins. [The Fwoosh]

Characters: Wonder Woman's costume change has everybody up in arms, with everyone from Nikki Finke to Lynda Carter reacting to the news. [Robot 6]

Webcomics: T-Rex implements a new plan to make sure that the BP disaster never strikes again. [Dinosaur Comics]

Origami: Folded, master Yoda is. [Sci Fi Wire]

Reality: That's it, folks. We've got definitive proof. Spider-Man is real - he just looks a little different than you were expecting. [Asylum]

Hollywood: Are you a ten to twelve year old blue-eyed boy? Then you could be the next Charles Xavier! [Bleeding Cool]

Hygiene: Is there such a thing as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle overload? If there is, you could scrub it away with this. [Great White Snark]

Art: Everyone's talking about Wonder Woman's costume change, but what about Superman's? [Let's Be Friends Again]