The haunting, pupil-less gaze of Little Orphan Annie (and her similarly afflicted dog Sandy) will depart the funny pages for good next month when the 86-year-old "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip draws to a close.

ICv2 reports that Tribune Media Services are pulling the plug on the Harold Gray created LOA newspaper strip (handled by a number of creators over the years) on June 13.

The strip currently inhabits just 20 papers, a sharp decline from its much more robust numbers in its heyday during the '20s and '30s. While Annie's also recognized from her numerous multimedia incarnations over the years including a long-running radio serial and, of course, her famous musical, LOA's cultural significance in comics and cartooning remains one of the franchise's greatest achievements...despite the dread Annie's zombie eyes may instill.

All of my personal terror aside, LOA will live on in IDW's collected editions as well as the hearts of Annie's multigenerational fan base. With all the nostalgia surrounding Annie, I'm sure she'll land on her feet in some way before long. Until then lizards will be leaping just a little bit lower.[Via ICv2]

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