Behold... The Lizard!

As cleverly discovered by Comic Book Movie, the secret visage of the villain from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie has been revealed (presumably unwittingly) in the form of a PEZ candy dispenser, just one of what's sure to be countless pieces of the film's licensed tie-in merchandise.Played by Comic-Con outlaw Rhys Ifans, The Lizard of The Amazing Spider-Man appears to be far more Killer Crockian than perhaps some fans expected, although it remains to be seen what sort of hideous mutations have affected the appendages and other body parts unrepresented in this handsome PEZ bust.

We'll doubtlessly see more of Ifans' The Lizard in his final form as The Amazing Spider-Man's July 3 opening draws nearer. Directed by Marc Webb, the film also stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary.

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