Another day, another movie image. This time, it’s another artfully composed photo from the set of Logan, showing an older Wolverine walking around the side of a car. It’s a really gorgeous image, the colored lighting and vibrant sunset in the background evoking a kind of neo-noir feel — which is good new for those of us who wish superhero movies would try venturing into other genres every once in a while.

Hugh Jackman shared the latest photo on his Twitter, crediting director James Mangold.

This one is the most colorful of the production stills so far, as most of them have been either in black and white or had a more muted palette. The trailer seemed to keep that kind of muted gray disaster film look, which is probably appropriate for the material. This photo doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the plot, but it looks like our clawed friend might be about to take something out of a trunk. If anything, it’s yet another indication of Mangold’s expert visual eye — I for one think that if the movie has even half this amount of visual style, it’ll be a real treat to look at.

Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.