As we head towards Valentine's Day, ComicsAlliance is offering up a daily tribute to love, as depicted in the somewhat dubious world of Romance Comics! Today's entry: Young Romance #193's "Wanting Woman!"

In a story that even then was bound to provoke a thousand jokes among readers about filling cavities and getting drilled, this yarn centers on Vera, a young lady who is madly in love with her dentist. As you might expect, this orthodontic crush comes with its fair share of problems, namely that having been her dentist since she was ten years old, Dr. Woods still thinks of her as a child.

If I had to guess, I'd say that's probably because he is at least 20 years older than her. And also because she's a crazy stalker willing to destroy her own teeth to see him.

But despite these pretty massive red flags and the fact that Woods tries to set her up with one of her younger patients, love -- or at least a somewhat convincing facsimile thereof -- conquers all:

Really though, it's not like Woods has much of a choice in the matter. Once you admit that you've been fantasizing "often" about the teenage patient 20 years younger than you that you have been treating since she was ten, you're pretty much locked into that relationship until its inevitable spectacular collapse. 'Til then, you just have to deal with kissing a mouth full of molars that have been rotted in the name of love.

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