As we head towards Valentine's Day, ComicsAlliance is offering up a daily tribute to love, as depicted in the somewhat dubious world of Romance Comics! Today's entry: Our Love Story #29's "When Love is Lost!"

A lot of thought can go into choosing your college courses. You might consider which ones will help you get a better job, or which ones are better suited to your interests. If, however, you're Jean -- the heroine of this tragic tale from 1974 by Stan Lee and Ross Andru -- you try to pick the one that'll get you the foxiest guys.

Understandably, she settles on English Lit, only to find herself wooed by a bunch of nerds that are strictly dullsville. That is, until she meets the handsome Rick! From there, it's all beach makeouts and long conversations about how much she absolutely f***ing hates English Lit.

Oh Jean. If only you had known:

So let this be a lesson to you, sexy bespectacled blondes: If you want the most handsome, dashing, and romantic dudes, go for English majors. Why, the only thing better than those are the English majors who dropped out in order to spend more time writing about comics online. They're the real catch.

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