Making comics under any circumstances requires a certain amount of focus, but autobiographical travelogues can be an especially challenging undertaking. Creators have the burden of lugging around equipment and must balance living in the moment with detailing their experiences to ensure accuracy and sincerity in their work. Having surmounted these challenges herself, the multi-talented Lucy Knisley (French Milk) has put together "Life is a Story," a 20-minute presentation that explains the value of autobio travelogues in comic form and gives would-be creators the tips and encouragement they need to get started on their own projects. Check it out after the jump.While Knisley's presentation may focus on autobio travelogue comics, her approach to working on the go and organizing seemingly disparate thoughts into a meaningful narrative applies to any number of creative endeavors, be it writing, photography or another pursuit. Even if you don't feel especially comics-capable, Knisley's overall approach to slowing down enough to chronicle a trip seems like a healthy way for people to get more out of their experiences, both in the moment and afterward.

See Knisley's presentation in full below:

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