As a regular consumer of digital comics, it's depressing to hear the haters in the old guard bemoan the future without giving it much of a chance. Nobody wants print to die, but it just seems sad to disregard the shape of things to come when there's a lot of potential for greatness.

That's why I was stoked to see Boing Boing's link to Lucy Knisley's strip "Downloading Optimism: Pessimism Virus Detected."

Knisley deftly links her experiences at a recent alternative comics panel starring Matt Groening, Linda Barry, Chris Ware and Jules Fieffer to the current publishing landscape. While that group of creators didn't necessarily have huge hopes (and given the current publishing market's woes - rightfully so) for the scene to return to what it was, Knisley argues that it's more productive to consider what could be.

The strip's poignant look at attitudes concerning digital publishing are primarily aimed at novels in the strip, but her observations and arguments for optimism definitely apply to comics.

The future is coming, and creators will continue to create in the media that suits their audiences. Why not look on the bright side?

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