I confess I've never looked at the keyboard of my Macbook and thought "I wish this reflected my interest a bit more!" That said, I could see where the appeal is there, and if you're looking for a keyboard that loudly proclaims to the world "I love comics, deal with it," you can't go wrong with the Macbook Superhero Keyboard Skin from Killer Duck Decals, that makes each key a symbol reflecting a comic character, sound effect, or other visual.Some of the choices are obvious (B for Batman), others are inspired (a "BOOM!" sound effect over the delete key), and still others may cause some debate/show obvious preference (Spider-Man chosen over Superman for the S). And for the life of me I can't figure out what the O is, though I look forward to someone commenting here or emailing me with the answer. Yes, that's a request. Please help me.

You can purchase the keyboard skin from the Killer Duck Decals Etsy store.

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