Want to convert regular photos into something resembling comic book art, but don't want to Google a Photoshop tutorial? Thanks to Supersoftware's Manga-Camera app on iOS, you can now instantly convert iPhone snapshots into black and white wonders adorned with a variety of backgrounds and sound effect staples from the manga tradition. Inspired by Crunchyroll, I spent a few minutes experimenting with the app. It seemed to work best on inanimate subjects in front of blank backgrounds (light walls work especially well), so any of your ambitious Fumetti/Photonovel/Cine-Manga dreams will probably have to take a backseat to unasuming novelty. Since the app is free, however, that should suit most users just fine. If nothing else, I had a good time shooting random action figures for a few minutes and eventually got my pug's attention for some kawaii action. You can take a look at some of my Manga-Camera App adventures after the cut.

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