When it comes to color-coded manifestations of emotional power, Green Lantern Hal Jordan is one conflicted cat. Where it used to be a simple battle between the green might of willpower vs. the yellow power of fear, Geoff Johns' "Darkest Night" storyline has established a multi-hued collection of corps, all vying for Jordan's membership.

In the spirit of the storyline, DC Direct is offering an action figure group shot of Jordan's many possible looks at July's San Diego Comic-Con. The exclusive run of toys includes the traditional green, along with yellow (fear), red (rage), blue (hope) and orange (avarice) variations...
Each version will be sold in limited quantities on different days of the convention and include a power battery and wearable ring of corresponding colors. Price is still unknown, but it's safe to say sharp collectors will want to line up early each day to avoid eBay hikes.

GL fans might notice a few missing colors from the "Darkest Night" spectrum, namely violet (love, but solely for Star Sapphire's hoochie female friends apparently), indigo (compassion, just for hippies) and black (death, for zombies only). That's all right, though -- at least he's not afraid to let most of his other colors shine.

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