Marvel and Archie Comics are teaming up to create Marvel Comics Digest, a series of digest-size collections featuring Marvel stories and characters, but designed, packaged and distributed by Archie Comics.

This is a move that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Other comics companies have tried selling digests over the years, but they've never taken off. Meanwhile, Archie has been profitably selling digests in supermarkets, bookstores, and newsstands for decades. So if you want your comics digest to succeed, just getting Archie to do it for you is a really smart choice. Meanwhile, the much smaller Archie company gets a new stream of revenue for doing something they're very good at.

Jon Goldwater, Publisher and CEO of Archie Comics, expressed his excitement about the partnership:

For years, Archie has made the digest format our bread and butter. We are supremely excited to spotlight iconic characters like Spider-Man and the Avengers through this major partnership with Marvel. These books will serve as a great introduction to the Marvel Universe for new readers and a very special, curated selection of stories for existing fans. It’s a win-win!

Marvel Comics Digest #1 comes out in June 2017, with new editions coming out every second month after that. If it's a sales success, more digest titles from Marvel seems likely. Marvel Exec David Gabriel is full of enthusiasm for the project.

The Marvel brand, for decades, has been cultivating a popularity that has recently exploded worldwide. Working closely with Archie, Marvel is beyond excited to continue its reach and exposure level as we offer our retailer partners, local comic shops and large chain retailers, a new, fun, and easily digestible way to dive into the Marvel Comics Universe and produce life-long fans


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