Not to be outdone by DC's Multiversity map --- first spotted at last year's San Diego Comic-Con and since made available through retailers --- Marvel is releasing its own physical, foldable, pin-up-on-your-wall-able map of its multiverse. Of course, this multiverse is squished together into one bite-sized nugget (if you're Galactus) for Secret Wars.

The Battleboard doesn't actually tell us anything we don't already know; it's the same map we've seen before, and the covers for all the books Marvel has already announced, including the newly announced Guardians of Knowhere, a Guardians of the Galaxy continuation from Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. But the Battleboard does tell us what we don't already know --- known unknowns, if you will --- with nine cover slots marked as 'Classified'. So there are definitely nine more Secret Wars books to be announced, and maybe only nine more?

Our own ongoing examination of the Battleworld map suggests that the remaining titles may cover the Age of Apocalypse, Forever Yesterday, Armor Wars, 1603, Killraven, Doctor Strange, the Carol Corps, House of M, Days of Future Past, X-Men '92, and Not Selling Your Marriage To Satan To Save Your Elderly Aunt. That's already more than nine titles/concepts, so some of those domains clearly aren't going to get their own worlds, and a lot of the books already announced don't map very clearly to the worlds we've seen. Where, for example, does 1872 fit in, or X-Tinction Agenda? Some corners of this map will no doubt be explored through anthology titles and titles that skip between worlds.

The Battleboard is a 13.25 x 20.375" foldout map on laminated cardstock, made available through retailers participating in Marvel's Secret Wars #1 launch party plans. Qualifying retailers will also have copies of Secret Wars #1 with variant covers by Esad Ribic, Amanda Connor, Jim Cheung, Simone Bianchi, Cheech Sdrasky, Simone Bianchi, Butch Guice, Skottie Young, and John Tyler Christopher, and a blank one that you can use as a beer coaster or give to a small child to draw on.

You can see the all the new books that have been announced thus far --- and our best guesses for the rest of the map -- at our regularly updated guide to Battleworld.

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