Today at the C2E2 expo in Chicago, Marvel elaborated on a number of major announcements they've been teasing of late. Perhaps the biggest news is the introduction of a new ongoing Hawkeye series by part of the acclaimed Immortal Iron Fist team of Matt Fraction and David Aja; meanwhile, Khoi Pham will be replacing Ryan Stegman on Scarlet Spider, with Stegman moving to help Jonathan Hickman wrap up his Fantastic Four run. The previously-previewed Jeph Loeb/Simone Bianchi "Sabretooth Reborn" arc was also announced to begin in August's Wolverine #310.At the Spider-Man panel, Marvel announced two creative changes in the Spider-Man (and kind of related) corner of the universe showing a decent amount of musical chairs being played in the Mighty Marvel Manner.

The first announcement was that penciller Ryan Stegman would be leaving Scarlet Spider after launching it with writer Chris Yost and drawing five of the first six issues. Replacing him is Khoi Pham, who was just recently announced as joining the rotation on Daredevil but was replaced by Chris Samnee with what was to be his third issue (#14), leaving him drawing only the #10.1 one-off and the first part of the "Megacrime" arc in #13.

Of course, this isn't Marvel firing the highly acclaimed Stegman from a job -- instead he'll be joining Jonathan Hickman on his last three issues of Fantastic Four, starting with #609, featuring the return of the New Defenders from Nu-World and the future Hulk known as the Maestro. Where current Fantastic Four artist Ron Garney, and previous artist Steve Epting are headed is not known, but considering the Epting-drawn surprise ending of FF #16, I'll personally wager that Hickman and Epting will pick up that plot point as the new team on Avengers.

At the "Cup O'Joe" panel featuring Marvel CCO Joe Quesada, Marvel announced that (as has already been heavily rumored) the critically acclaimed Immortal Iron Fist team of Matt Fraction and David Aja's mystery project is in fact a new Hawkeye ongoing series featuring absolutely gorgeous, design-focused covers from David Aja. You can look for an interview with Fraction about this project later, but Aja seems to be applying the same considerable graphic design sensibilities that informed his portrayal of kung fu in Iron Fist towards the mechanics of archery with Marvel's roguish Avenger.

Finally, the "Wolverine: Sabretooth Reborn" project teased in the back of Wolverine #300 -- Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi's sequel to their "Evolution" arc that ran in Wolverine v3 #50-55 -- will in fact run beginning in Wolverine #310, following the conclusion of Cullen Bunn and Paul Pelletier's (apparently fill-in) arc featuring Jason Aaron-created villain Doctor Rot. Longtime Wolverine writer Aaron concluded his run in this week's Wolverine #304, moving many of his ongoing plots to his current series Wolverine & The X-Men.

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