Over at Fab.com, Lamp-In-A-Box is selling a series of Marvel Comics-themed table lamps, currently marked down to $26 a pop (down from the regular price of $39.95). You've got your Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Woman, Thor, Medusa, She-Hulk, and X-Men lamps, along with the unfortunately named "Women's Comics Covers Lamp," which I have retitled for accuracy. The sale ends in less than a week, so grab them soon if you want them!

Iron Man Panels Lamp

She-Hulk Cover Lamp

Incredible Hulk Panels Lamp

Women's Romance Comics Covers

X-Men Panels Lamp

Spider-Woman Panels Lamp

Thor Panels Lamp

Incredible Hulk Close Up Lamp

Medusa Cover Lamp

[via Ming Doyle]

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