For fans of the Marvel Comics components of Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure theme park, there's been some concern about whether parent company Disney will eventually claim theme park control over their intellectual properties. So far Universal's maintained their regional theme park stake in the characters, and after catching a glimpse of just what goes on in the theme park care of Laura Hudson's vigilant eyes, I have to say I'm pretty sure the brand is in more than capable hands.

YouTube user Dibber07's recently uploaded a pretty priceless video of a group of Marvel's most famous heroes (even in their '90s garb) cruising in a 4-wheeler parade of wonder -- with a surprise appearance from a motorized gentleman at the end who may or may not be the newest member of their mighty group.

Admittedly, it's been about two decades since I visited a Disney theme park, but after watching this clip I'm not sure if even the Magic Kingdom can top what's already going on in Universal's parks. Check out the video after the jump.

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