With San Diego Comic-Con less than two weeks away, rumors have started flying around about what to expect from the show's biggest announcements - including the title of Marvel's much-teased "mystery" second movie project of 2014. Okay, okay, it's Guardians of the Galaxy.According to Latino Review's pseudonymous Da7e, Marvel will announce that its second 2014 movie (to follow Captain America 2) will be a movie version of Guardians of The Galaxy. The site claims that the movie will lead into the second Avengers movie, with both Guardians and Avengers 2 featuring Thanos, the villain teased in the mid-credits sequence of this summer's uber-blockbuster.

Variety added some more information, including that the script has been written by Nicole Perlman, a graduate of Disney's screenwriting program, and that the majority of the Marvel Studios panel at SDCC will focus on Iron Man 3, currently shooting in North Carolina, and how the studio plans to introduce new characters to the Marvel movie universe.

The news of a Guardians movie isn't the biggest surprise; not only has Kevin Feige mentioned the project as being in development more than once in interviews to promote the Avengers, but Bleeding Cool noticed earlier this week that Marvel was quietly registering trademarks around the title for all manner of merchandise possibilities. The biggest question now may be, who will be the Guardians in question? The original time-traveling team sent back to the current day to fight an alien invasion, or the more recent reboot of the concept teaming such varied Marvel sci-fi characters as Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon and former Micronaut Bug? Well, the latter team are due to show up in Brian Michael Bendis' movie-centric Avengers Assemble comic soon...

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