Marvel editor Sana Amanat was on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, where she talked to Meyers about her own history as a comics fan, the importance of representation, and what Kamala Khan might have to say to Donald Trump.

Meyers started a bit awkwardly, assuming that Kamala Khan was directly based on Amanat herself. But he quickly backed off and redirected when he realized his mistake, which led to a nice little discussion about what went into the creation of this latest Ms. Marvel, and how it's possible to create a character that underrepresented people see themselves in, while still telling a story universal enough for anyone to relate to.




Meyers then took the opportunity to bring up Donald Trump, adding, "Ms. Marvel lives in Jersey City, so there's a chance they could cross paths." Asked what Kamala might want to say to Trump, Amanat seemed unprepared for the question, but then gave an excellent off-the-cuff reply:


The first thing she would say is that he's doing such irreparable damage to young Americans, and minorities everywhere. Words and images are really powerful, and these young kids are actually having a perception of themselves that's not true, and that's so dangerous. And then she'd probably remind him that his grandfather was an immigrant, I believe, and if he'd had the same type of vitriolic sentiment thrown at him, Trump would not have had the opportunities he's had, or the success that he's had. And then she'd probably fly off with the Avengers and save the world from actual bad guys, and prove him wrong about who Muslims really are.


After that Amanat took a moment to talk about he end of Secret Wars, and she and Meyers joked together about conspiracy theories that Ms. Marvel is an Islamic recruiting tool.

The entire episode is available on Hulu.


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