Marvel took a step back from the mega event in 2010, but if a recent trademark application by Marvel Characters, Inc. is any indication, their original 1984 12-issue crossover may be getting the spotlight in the future (at least, in name). According to Siliconera, Marvel's filed for the "Secret Wars" trademark with all manner of videogame products in mind along with... bicycle helmets and sunglasses?Initially conceived as an action figure line concept by Mattel, Marvel's landmark Secret Wars comic by Jim Shooter and artists Mike Zeck and Bob Layton donned Spider-Man in a new black suit, de-rocked Ben Grimm and handsomified Victor von Doom among other things. Character cosmetic changes aside, the series' success helped pave the way for DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths and successive "mega events" that have polarized fans of late.

As far as videogames go, Marvel could do a whole lot worse than assemble its heroes and villains for a Secret Wars title. Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel Ultimate Alliance 2 were certainly profitable exercises in superhero warfare, having drawn heavily from comic lore.

Marvel tapped Paul Tobin and Patrick Scherberger for a fun all-ages Spider-Man and the Secret Wars mini this past year, which helped modernize and condense the tale and the success of Hasbro's Marvel Universe Secret Wars 2-packs seem to indicate toy collector nostalgia as well. These factors certainly aren't evidence that a Secret Wars game is a certainty, but they don't exactly hurt Marvel's case for applying for a trademark either.

Now to kick back and wait for the sunglasses and bicycle helmet peripherals needed to play a Secret Wars game...