It appears that there are Marvel toys in almost every conceivable scale. Standing even shorter than Hasbro's 3.75" Marvel Universe line and Diamond Select Toys' 2" Marvel Minimates art Blip Toys' squishy 1" figurines called Squinkies. They're multipacked rubber toys that come in individual plastic capsules designed to work with vending machine playsets -- kind of like Bandai's Gashapon. Blip Toys has picked up a number of licenses like WWE, Power Rangers Samurai and Sponge Bob SquarePants, which means making yours Marvel opens doors to some bizarre desktop fanfic scenarios.Squinkies 12-packs run for around $10 at retail and online, with sets containing 12 pieces total. Nine of the packed pieces are visible in the package, with three coming in blind-packed opaque shells to encourage collectibility/trading. For around $25 fans can pick up a Spider-Man Squinkies dispenser that comes with exclusive versions of Spider-Man and Wolverine plus Doctor Octopus and Hobgoblin.

See the multiple waves of Blip Toys' Marvel Squinkies below:

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3: X-Men

Series 4: Super Hero Squad

Series 5:Good vs. Evil

Spider-Man Squinkies Dispenser

Squinkies display at Target

Squinkies Boys Commercial, complete with strange surfer dude accents from a dialect I cannot place

[Via Marvel]

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