Memo to the actor who played Thanos in the Avengers movie: Don't count on any job security, because Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige feels like there's some recasting wiggle room for when the character reappears to cause more trouble in future movies - even if he's not saying exactly when (and where) that will be.Talking to MTV News, Fiege refused to elaborate on when the Purple Titan will show up next, but teased that the studio does have "plans" for the character. "I wouldn't say we ever feel the need to rush anything one way or the other," he said. "We succeeded in Phase One because we stuck to our guns and stuck to the plan. That plan took place over many, many years and it ultimately paid off. I see Phase Two unfolding in the same way of us taking our time, us doing what's right for each individual movie, while folding in elements that will not only build up to the culmination of Phase Two, but even Phase Three."

Wait - Is that a hint that Thanos might not get his moment in the spotlight until the cycle after next of Marvel movies? That'd be bad news for Damion Poitier, who played the character in the Avengers end-credit sequence, expect that Feige has even worse news for him. "I think we feel pretty free to recast," Feige offered. "That was cast for literally that one shot. Depending on what the role requires from future movies, we'll go from there."

Just as that's bad news for Poitier, it's good news for everyone else in the acting community. Hey, fading movie stars! If you think you're due for a comeback, start practicing your "Insane Cosmic Force With A Death Wish" voice.

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