As everyone knows, Wolverine is the best he is at what he does. So why doesn't he take the opportunity to enjoy life more by being totally lazy and inconsiderate? As demonstrated by the latest Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! episode, "Wolverine: Partial Recall," he'd be totally great at it! All he has to do is play up a "memory condition" caused by having to constantly regenerate brain cells, hanging out with tons of psychics, having his mind controlled, receiving numerous memory implants and, well, just Weapon X in general.While there's plenty to love about the new What The--?! episode in its own right, readers who were around during the mid '90s are going to LOVE the special scene that follows the credits. Or maybe '90s kids are going to hate it? Either way, keep that video streaming all the way until it stops.

See the latest episode of What The--?! below:

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