Thanks to an ever-improving marketing campaign and an almost preposterously high Rotten Tomatoes score, mutie fans are fairly pumped for this Friday's debut of X-Men: First Class. For Professor Xavier and Magneto, however, it's a painful reminder of a friendship in perpetual free fall since the '60s. Good thing Deadpool's around to, like, force the duo to remember the good times in the latest installment of Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!, maaaaan.If Deadpool's memory serves, Charles and Erik were a lot like young Beatles Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Over the years their initial collaborative spirit waned with the times. Who could possibly stick together through the swinging '60s with all that free love and whatnot? Sure, I wasn't alive for any of it, but I've seen Forrest Gump. I tell ya, things were crazy. Given DP's unreliable cognitive health (and mine), it's probably just best to watch the latest What The--?! episode and judge for yourself.

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