What's that you say? The four teasers for Marvel's relaunched Marvel NOW! titles so far this week haven't been enough for you? How about four more to round out the weekend? This time around, Marvel's creators are all thinking Legacy, Soldier, Extended and Family.MTV Geek had the "Legacy" teaser, with Simon Spurrier - best known, perhaps, for his 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine work in the UK - and Tan Eng Huat apparently heading up a relaunch of the X-Men: Legacy title that Mike Carey has written for the past few years, one of the more surprising announcements of the Marvel NOW! relaunch to date.

Far less surprising is the relaunch of Captain America; iFanboy had that teaser, "Soldier," with Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. attached. Remender replaces Ed Brubaker, the man who's been responsible for Steve Rogers' life (and death) for close to a decade now, and in doing so, cements his new position amongst the top rank of Marvel writers, with two icon titles -- this and Uncanny Avengers -- under his control.

USA Today rounded out this latest batch of announcements, with not one but two related teasers announcing that Matt Fraction will be taking over from Jonathan Hickman on both Fantastic Four and FF, with "Family" revealing that he'll be joined by Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley on Fantastic Four, and "Extended" bringing the second surprise of the day with the news that Madman, iZombie and upcoming Daredevil artist Mike Allred will be Fraction's partner on FF.

All titles, according to the teasers, will launch in November.

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