The Internet's been buzzing about Marvel's latest promotion since last week's reveal of a poster showing Psylocke and the decidedly non-mutant Spider-Man with a logo reading "We Are the X-Men," and now, they've added a second one to the mix:

The new teaser features the X-Men's arch-frenemy Magneto and Lyra, the alternate-future daughter of the Hulk and Thundra, and while the X-Men are certainly no stranger to alternate-future daughters, it's worth noting that as near as I can tell, Lyra's also not a mutant. So what's it all mean? We won't officially know until an announcement at the upcoming C2E2 con in Chicago, but that said, I've noticed a pattern.In each teaser, an X-Man is paired up with a non-mutant Marvel hero, so I'm holding out hope that this means we'll be getting an old-school "Marvel Team-Up" style book starring the merry mutants. But as for who could team up, I've got a few suggestions:

Colossus and Dracula!

'90s Cyclops and Man-Thing!

And of course...

Wolverine and Howard the Duck!
Seriously Marvel: Call me.