It was a somewhat slow day for announcements this Sunday at C2E2; besides the announcement of a new Gambit ongoing series, we learned that the Ultimate Comics "Divided We Fall" event will include all three Ultimate Comics titles and begin in July; the Asgardian titles Thor and Journey Into Mystery are set to clash in a major crossover in August titled "Everything Burns"; and Jamie McKelvie, fresh off of X-Men: Season One, will be joining Matt Fraction as the new regular artist on Defenders.The first major announcement of the day came at the Ultimate Comics panel, with the titles of the previously-announced-at-the-retailer-summit Ultimate crossover revealed as "Divided We Fall"; it will feature the return of Captain America since he left the public eye at the end of the Ultimate Fallout miniseries after feeling responsible for the death of Peter Parker. The three main Ultimate books will all feature this story, but contain parallel narratives rather than a standard crossover; it begins in July with Sam Humphries and Luke Ross's Ultimate Comics Ultimates #13 and Brian Wood's Ultimate Comics X-Men #14, with Brian Michael Bendis's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man joining the fray in August.

At the "Next Big Thing" panel, Since Matt Fraction's The Mighty Thor and Kieron Gillen's Journey Into Mystery were launched alongside Fraction's Fear Itself event miniseries, the two books have been closely related -- especially due to their sibling protagonists, Thor and Loki -- yet never formally crossed over. Starting in August, that will change, with Alan Davis and Carmine Di Giandomenico joining Fraction and Gillen on their books for "Everything Burns," running from Mighty Thor #18-22 and Journey Into Mystery #642-645. The crossover will apparently bring many ongoing plot points in both titles to a head, especially Loki's web of lies and Thor's trust for him.

Finally, they announced that Jamie McKelvie (X-Men: Season One, Phonogram) will be joining Matt Fraction as the new regular artist on Defenders, replacing previous regular artist Terry Dodson. (Cover art below is by Dodson, interior art by McKelvie.)

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