Mateus Santolouco can be a pretty versatile artist. He's shown up in Marvel's "Rampaging Wolverine," "Dark Reign: Lethal Legion" and "Mondo Urbano" from Oni Press, and if you've caught him in all of those you've seen how he can modulate between animated moods and grittier material. His commissioned non-comics work is no exception; in fact, he's one of the few illustrators we've scene who can make Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" character Walt Kowalski look meaner and more wrinkled than he already appears onscreen.

The Brazilan native can do the same for Wolverine and the Rolling Stones, who you'll also find over on his blog His figures can take on characteristics similar to Stuart Immonen's with long, clean lines and slightly exaggerated proportions, but often with the kind of theatrical caricatured faces that would be commonplace in a Sam Kieth book.

Have a look at a few such pieces below, and check out how he works his magic:

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