Mattel hit Toy Fair hard this year with brand new action figures from across its robust DC Comics-related license slate. Flagship collector line DC Universe Classics is bursting at the proverbial plastic seams with a line of familiar Super Friends, Suicide Squad and Batman characters plus Crime Syndicate and Legion of Superheroes multipacks. Animated properties like the long-running Justice League Unlimited and Cartoon Network's new Young Justice also got a lot of attention with toys reflecting their respective animated looks. Perhaps most prominent, however, is Mattel's generous serving of Green Lantern movie merchandise. Hit the jump for a roundup of some of our favorite photos from around the toy blogosphere.Check out an assortment of DC character goodness below:

Green Lantern Movie Figures

DC Universe Classics

Crime Syndicate Box Set (Wal-Mart exclusive)

Legion of Super-Heroes box set

DC Universe Classics Wave 18

Batman Legacy

Justice League Unlimited

[Via Toynewsi]

Young Justice

[Via Toynewsi]

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