Mattel's DC Universe Classics brand has been relegated from retail to the pricier Mattycollector subscription service, but plenty of compatible 6" superhero figures will continue to roll out in stores via the rebranded DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited lines in early 2013. Among the figures headed to retail under the Batman Unlimited banner will be "New 52" versions of Batman and Batgirl, along with a "classic" Penguin that collectors will recognize as a redeco'ed version of the DCUC version from some years back. The DC Unlimited line's first wave will introduce even more New 52 costumes, with Superman, The Flash and Hawkman all decked out in their respective relaunch looks. Accessories for the figures haven't quite been identified at this point, but Hawkman seems to be sporting his share of weaponry. You can take a look at Mattel's take on Jim Lee's New 52 Justice League costume designs after the cut.

[Via Toy Ark]

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