If you've watched much of Cartoon Network's new Young Justice animated series, you're likely aware of the teen team's covert ops under the pseudo supervision of their world's Justice League. It's was one thing to accept that the big guns are willing to send minors on deadly secret missions, but now I'm worried that playing in the dirt has gotten the kids dirty. According to McDonald's new Young Justice Happy Meal commercial, Kid Flash is stealing kids' apple dippers now. Innocence lost!The Happy Meal line includes action figurey versions of Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superman, Batman, Black Manta and Captain Cold. Each toy has an action feature, though articulation varies widely between characters.

Fans of the show's female heroes like Artemis and Miss Martian will have to rely on Mattel for toys as McDonald's continues its heavy-handed gender-based Happy Meal marketing. But hey, you can pretend a Littlest Pet Shop dude is just M'gann M'orzz shape-shifting to the max.

McDonald's commercial demonstrating Kid Flash's moral flexibility isn't embeddable, but this guy's YouTube reviews for the toys will help ease the pain:

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