It seems there will be no shortage of Wonder Woman figures joining the likes of Batman and Superman when the first Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice toys start hitting shelves. It's a good thing too, considering she looks like the only part of the movie that will have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Sure, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight throwing down will be fun to watch in a live-action movie (maybe?), but they've both had their chances with solo films, and the resulting action figures, before. The only question that remains is whether or not she'll get some goofy variants like Batman and Superman have in the past.

That won't really be a concern for the Medicom MAFEX line though. That's more of a Mattel deal. Medicom strives for Figuarts/Figma-like accuracy, and we'll like just be getting the one Wonder Woman to join with the Batman and Superman figures already coming, as well as this new Armored Batman. Did you know Batman wears armor in the new movie? I know it's hard to tell considering you can't look at a promotion for BVS without seeing Armored Batman standing front and center.

The thing I like most about the Wonder Woman figure is how well her movie costume is translating to figure form. We still don't know much about Gal Gadot's interpretation of the character, but she's looked absolutely fierce as hell in all the promotions to this point, and that looks to hold true with this toy, too. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the head sculpt, which suffers a bit of the ol' MAFEX blandness. Characters that have a normal face often end up looking a little soft and lack any true definition.

Armored Batman doesn't have that problem given that his head is encased in a helmet, which does look good. It's hard to screw up a figure encased in a metal shell, particularly given the amount of data WB shares with licensees to ensure collectibles are as accurate as possible. This is like the fifth different armored Batman we've seen to this point, and I'm getting a little worn out on the look. The wear and tear and the cloth cape help bring the piece to life, but there's only so many different versions of the same figure I can stomach before I start getting bored.

Both figures will be available in the fall of 2016 for ~$50. Now we just have to wait out the eventual Aquaman figures we hope will eventually make their way out. I mean, they have to put those out eventually, right?


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