Whether you've encountered artist Michael Deforge's smiley, bulgy, and often melty visions in his Koyama Press-published series Lose or "Katamari Damacy" hamburger for charity, you understand that the Toronto resident thrives on layers and excess. His work has appeared in The Believer, which is a fitting venue for him, since his style shares common ground with the sharp lines and shapes used to depict horrific organic monstrosities in regular Believer illustrator Charles Burns' work. His comics have also shown up in Vice magazine, where other fans of sweaty, unsettling textures like Matt Furie and Johnny Ryan have found a home.

Deforge has sculpted some beastly creatures out of absurd quantities of seemingly random patterns and elements, but he's a master of juxtaposition in the pieces he's posted on his website at KingTrash.com. There, you'll see some trippy tributes to Lady Gaga, Star Wars, Batman and Spider-Man, as well as a few more abstract creations. We've pointed out a few examples that melted our brains below.