If you ever wondered where magical beings went to get the very latest in mystical gear, it turns out there's a one-stop shop for all of their supernatural needs.

In 2018, cartoonist Mike Cavallaro will take readers inside Vulcan's Celestial Supply Shop to explore the lives of the staff who work there, and to see what happens when they realize they have to stop an adventurer succeeding with his quest.

Vulcan's Celestial Supply Shop: The Hounds of Hades follows Nico, Buck, and Lula, who work diligently for the titular store --- but when Beowulf's great-grandson Eowolf comes in looking to stock up for his quest to slay Cerberus, the staff at Vulcan's realize they need to stop him from inadvertently unleashing hordes of dead souls back into the living realm.

The characters of Vulcan's Celestial Supply Shop have existed in a number of forms over the years, including within the page of British all-ages anthology The Phoenix, and in self-published single issue comics. Vulcan's Celestial Supply Shop: The Hounds of Hades marks the first original graphic novel in the series.

“I’ve spent so much time thinking about these characters and their world that they’ve become almost real to me: when they laugh, I laugh. When they’re angry ... well, I usually laugh at them then, too." said Cavallaro. "But I get to spend the next few months bringing them to life, and then sharing that, hopefully, with a few readers. It’s every cartoonist’s dream: to pull something out of thin air and put it down on paper for others to see. I can’t wait!”

Vulcan's Celestial Supply Shop is due for release in September 2018 via First Second. Check out the official book description below:

Nico, Buck, and Lula are the dedicated staff of Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop – the store where any gods, demigods, aspiring deities, or magical creatures can come to get anything they need to succeed in their quests (or just to deal with their supernatural lives). But can they keep their customers from making really terrible decisions?

Enter Eowulf, great-grandson of Beowulf. He’s all set to join the family business: monster slaying. But when Eowulf comes to Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop and declares that he wants to begin his monster slayage with Cerberus, the dog who’s the only thing keeping the dead behind the gates of Hades, Nico, Buck, and Lula know that they have to do something to stop him!