Best known in Europe for works like Nicky Stax and Zodiak and in the United States for Ruse and The Unknown with Mark Waid, prolific Dutch comics artist Minck Oosterveer died last weekend in a tragic motorcycle accident. While not a superstar in the American comics industry, Oosterveer's work was strongly influenced by American masters like Will Eisner and Milton Caniff, and his synthesis of those classic styles with modern sensibilities and impeccable technique made Oosterveer a favorite of those who read his work.

In concurrence with a touching remembrance from Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon, BOOM! Studios is honoring the life and work of Minck Oosterveer by making available for free digital editions of The Unknown and The Unknown: Devil Made Flesh, written by Mark Waid and illustrated by the late artist. Check after the cut for availability details and a preview of The Unknown.On the BOOM! Studios website, Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon wrote the following about Oosterveer.

Minck was incredibly kind and thoughtful, funny and smart, passionate and genuine. As an artist, you literally couldn't ask for anybody more professional and talented. His art was–is–transcendent. He would turn in beautiful comic book pages, every day, that were damn near perfect. Every morning I would look forward to opening my e-mail and seeing a new page from Minck. His work ethic and consistent level of quality was uncanny. There was a never a deadline he couldn't meet. The man was truly a rare talent.

All individual issues of The Unknown and The Unknown: Devil Made Flesh are available for a limited time for free via all of BOOM! Studios' digital stores: comiXology, iVerse,, and Alternatively, you can purchase trade paperbacks of both The Unknown books as well as Waid and Oosterveer's Ruse: The Victorian Guide to Murder in paperback at finer comics shops and bookstores.

For more of Oosterveer's artwork, check out his website and DeviantArt page.