Get ready for psychic spies on the silver screen, because Matt Kindt's critically-acclaimed Dark Horse Comics series, Mind MGMT is on its way to a live action cinematic adapatation care of none other than director Ridley Scott.According to The Hollywood Reporter, Twentieth Century Fox has picked up the rights to the psychic-espionage book and has tapped Ridley Scott to produce the film under his Scott Free Production company along with Dark Horse Entertainment's Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg.

Mind MGMT, which is written and drawn by Matt Kindt, focuses on a government agency that trains psychic spies and follows the investigation of the true crime writer, Meru, as she attempts to uncover the truth behind an amnesic airline flight and find one of the agency's former operatives who has gone rogue and seeks to break the organization.

As of the now, no writer has been attached to the project and Ridley Scott will not be directing the film. However, for those wishing to catch up on the series before it hits theaters, the first seven issues issues are now in stores and online through Dark Horse Digital. For the trade-waiters, a 200 page hardcover collecting issues 1-6 will be arrive in April.

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