Mindy Lee draws pre-"New 52" Batman characters about as softly and elegantly as you're going to see them these days. Her Catwoman and Poison Ivy have the richness and extravagance of a Yoshitaka Amano illustration, but she also endows them with playfulness and personality.

Lee's blog is absolutely crammed full of ornate costumes and fashionable ladies wearing them. In addition to Scott Summers and the redheads who provide the drama in his life, you'll also notice that she has drawn some Harry Potter characters, a little Edward Scissorhands action and even some Street Fighter characters.Sometimes she produces figures with with a classic Disney animation look to them, and on other occasions she works in some lushness along the lines of what you might find in a Jill Thompson commission.

If you're interested in intelligent new takes on old designs, check out what wowed us in her portfolio below.