Comics fans are likely to at least have some familiarity with New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood as a setting for crime stories -- the area provides a location for many of Marvel's Daredevil comics. In reality, the area has been substantially gentrified since the early 1990s -- and Daredevil doesn't really live there.

That's why artist Ming Doyle (Mara) and writer and comics newcomer Ollie Masters are taking things back to the 1970s for their eight-issue Vertigo Comics series The Kitchen, when the neighborhood was still under-developed and plagued by crime. The series follows the lives of three mob wives whose husbands get shipped off to prison, leaving them to take up the family business. Check out covers, preview art, and a video interview with editor Will Dennis.

(Skip ahead to 4:24 in the video to get to the stuff about The Kitchen)



According to Dennis, Masters' elevator pitch for the series was Goodfellas meets Mob Wives. He praises the art by Doyle, colorist Jordie Bellaire, and cover artist Becky Cloonan as a perfect fit.


The Kitchen #1 Cover by Becky Cloonan
Alternate cover by Ming Doyle
Interior art by Ming Doyle
Interior art by Ming Doyle
Interior art by Ming Doyle


The Kitchen #1 will be released in November.