Thanks to the live action Thor movie, Marvel's thunder god has had a pretty robust summer of Minimates from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum. Fans heading to San Diego Comic-Con International next month are in for an even bigger does of miniature Asgardian action as the very appropriately named "Stormbreaker" box set comes to the Action Figure Xpress both #3345 with new versions of Thor, Sif, Loki and, of course, the first ever Beta Ray Bill Minimate.The last of the nobel Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill has an origin only someone as talented as Walt Simonson could make wonderful. Bill's character fuses so many high concepts -- he's an orange alien implanted into a cyborg/horse clone body with his own version of Mjolnir as made by the king of Norse gods -- that fans almost choke on coolness, but thanks to Simonson's legendary stories Beta Ray Bill has melted the hearts of fans for almost three decades. It's about time he got his own Minimate!

Thor, Sif and Loki all look groovy rocking Simonson era garb, as well. Did I mention Walt Simonson is awesome? Because he is.

See images of the SDCC exclusive "Stormbreaker" Minimates box set below:

[Click to enlarge]

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