I'm not going to pretend to understand Mon-El's mind-warping origin, but like the rest of the impossibly retconned Legion of Superheroes, I tend to like him anyway.

With Superman away on New Krypton, Mon-El (Lar Gand/Valor/Jonathan Kent - see what I mean?) is kind of Supes' stand-in. He's had a rough few months getting used to the gig, but now he's back in Metropolis with a new look inspired by his relative. Yeah, he's rock'n the "S."

DC's The Source blog has a look at Mon-El's upcoming adventures in "Superman" #694 that features multiple pages of him punching stuff. It's a nice primer for new readers. Seeing the guy clock Bizarro is a pretty huge vote of confidence.

The world at large may still not be totally cool with a nearby planet full of Supermen and women with god complexes, but at least Metropolis has a quasi Kryptonian from the future/past to watch its back.

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