The MONSTERS Project has begun! As we announced last month, ComicsAlliance has teamed up with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for an art auction that will benefit the CBLDF and its mission to defend free speech in comics. We reached out to comic book artists across the industry for monster-themed original art, and we'll be presenting the art here on the site for the rest of the month leading up to Halloween, and later offering it for sale on eBay. So if you like what you see, you might be able to take it home.

(Also, if you're an artist who still wants to contribute monster art to support the CBLDF, it's not too late! Hit us up!)

Today we're presenting the work of Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi, who has drawn us a striking and sinuous Medusa:

We featured Suvarnasuddhi's "Castration Epidemic" comics before, but we're also quite fond of her "Tales of Tiger Balm" and her completely insane series about holy hamburgers that will haunt your dreams. Check out the full image of Suvarnasuddhi's Medusa after the jump.

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