The initial wave of Captain America: The First Avenger action figure promotional images from Hasbro packed in plenty of comic book series characters, and the second series continues that trend. There is, however, one exception with a movie toy packed in with four familiar comic faces. Come May collectors can expect Bucky/New Captain America, Captain Britain, Final Mission Captain America, US Agent and Crossbones.

The release of Bucky/New Captain America should give fans who missed his Marvel Universe incarnation the first time around as part of the Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles: Giant Skrull/Captain America 2-pack -- that is, if you're cool with a crazy blade shield.

This line also marks the first appearance of US Agent and Crossbones in 3.75" scale, with Captain Britain getting an update from his earlier classic version released last year as part of the Marvel Universe line.

The lone movie figure comes in the form of Final Mission Captain America, whose name we're guessing is a hint at what the hero will be wearing toward the end of The First Avenger.

Check out a larger image of the action figure line below:

[Via Marvelousnews]