If you have read my profile you know that I have been reading comics for years. In all that time it has been because I liked comics. It may have been a specific artist or writer that drew me in or maybe I liked the storyline. I am sure that my reasons for reading a particular title are as varied as yours. I am not sure that the reasons are as important as the fact that you are reading. (I did try that one on my parents too, "Mom, shouldn't you be happy that I am at least reading something?" Somehow, she didn't go for it.) Lately, I have also added reading comics as part of my job. I had been begging my manager to let me start up a comic related website since I started the job, but the timing was never right. A few months ago things changed and John and I were given the task of launching Comics Alliance. Now I get to read comics for work (but sadly, not at work.)

Midnight the cat reads the Sunday comics.A few weeks ago, I noticed my cats taking an interest in comics. OK, maybe it isn't for the same reasons that we like them, but my cats do seem to like comics anyway. For my cats, the books seem to be more of a nice place to sleep. I am not sure how they pick out what they want to sleep on, but they do have their preferences.

Midnight (pictured right) likes the Sunday comics. These seem to perfectly fit with his attention span of about 30 seconds.

My cat Forest preferes individual issues.
Forest likes to nap on individual issues. I think this could be because I read them in a shorter time, so I have to pay attention to him more often to get the next issue.

Sasha the cat likes trade paperbacks
Sasha is more of a trade paperback type of girl. Once she finds something that she likes, she really sticks with it.

Have any of your pets shown interest in comics even if it is just a convenient place to nap? I have seen DVDs for cats and dogs so is it only a matter of time until we have comics aimed at our pets? Is it too late for me? Am I am on my way to becoming "that crazy cat guy?"