The Eisner and Harvey-winning cartoonist behind such works as Same Difference and Other Stories, The Eternal Smile (with Gene Luen Yang) and Good As Lily (with Jesse Hamm), Derek Kirk Kim is expanding his creative repertoire with a new live-action Web series. Called Mythomania and described by Kim as a "slice of life" story, the series follows aspiring cartoonist Andy Go and his peers as they draw and debate comics. Mythomania's first season will be split into nine ~10-minute episodes, the first two of which you can watch below.Resembling numerous people we all know, Andy Go is a cartoonist who dreams of making a living on his work. Indeed, Mythomania finds him literally dreaming just that, and accepting an Eisner award from none other than Scott McCloud himself. Unfortunately for Andy, his wall is papered with rejection letters from most of the publishing companies you can think of, including First Second and DC Comics.

Although the situation seems grim, Andy gets by with the support of his fellow cartoonists who (again, like a lot of people we all know) like to pass the time debating the merits of Alan Moore vs. Robert Crumb, confessing dragon-based sexual fantasies and drawing Star Trek: The Next Generation pornography.

Interestingly, Andy and the cast of Mythomania are also part of Kim and Les McClaine's Tune webcomic, which deals with the subject of alternate realities. Although the viewer doesn't need to be familiar with Tune to enjoy Mythomania, it's gratifying to know that Andy, a fairly melancholy character in the show, has a more exciting comic book adventure life elsewhere.

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