Here's some good news to start the week: The magazine Good recently reported on a new comic called The Adventures of Moxie Girl, by seven-year-old Natalie McGriff and her mother Angela Nixon, which was the winner of a $16,000 award at the One Spark Crowdfunding Festival earlier this year.

Moxie Girl is an African-American girl who hates her hair, and thinks it's ugly --- until she finds a magical shampoo that gives her superpowers and helps her in the fight against crime and illiteracy. As her local library is surrounded by The Council of Monsters, Moxie Girl heads off to save the day!

This isn't just winning news because of the award: the comic itself is a charming and important message of pride. Moxie Girl was created by the pair as a way to address real life stigma faced by Natalie, as detailed by her mother:


There were so many times that my baby came home or was watching TV and voiced her disdain about her hair and how ugly she thought it was. The fact that we wrote a book about a little black girl who uses her kinky hair to save the public libraries and people of ALL different ethnic groups embraced it ... I have no words.


Having created the comic --- which Natalie co-writes and designs herself --- the pair took the project to the One Spark Crowdfunding Festival in Florida, where it beat over 500 competing projects to take home the $16,000 prize. They'll be using the money to print and market the book, so keep an eye out.

The more voices that get heard in comics, the more people will be inspired by comics. You can find out more about Moxie Girl on the Facebook page right here.