Here at ComicsAlliance, we were already pretty big fans of Natasha Allegri thanks to her amazing art and her work on Adventure Time, where she created the female version of Finn, Fionna - the most cosplayable character of the past five years (and wrote and illustrated Boom!'s Fionna and Cake comic miniseries). Now, we've been given another reason why her work's amazing in the form of Bee and PuppyCat, a new series from Cartoon Hangover about an unemployed young lady who gets a strange new pet dropped on her head and enters into a world of transformation sequences and rainbow swordfights. The second episode dropped this week, and I can confirm that it is most definitely the single best five-minute Magical Girl cartoon series currently airing on YouTube.

Uh, in retrospect, that's kind of a narrow category. Just trust me, it's great, and you can watch the first two episodes below!



The show is written and directed by Allegri, and it's an incredible showcase of her fun designs. I seriously want those turtle-themed motivational posters for myself. There are currently only two shorts on Cartoon Hangover, but positive fan response could take it to a full-on series. And... maybe Boom! would be into doing a comic ala Bravest Warriors?

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