Japan's racing circuit isn't much different than America's in many ways. Big budget superhero movies have resulted in numerous Superman, Spider-Man and Batman-themed NASCAR sponsorships over the years much the same way anime and manga have translated into stylized Japanese racing vehicles. The difference is, you don't see a lot of American drivers committing to car-coordinated cosplay.

Run'a Entertainment's "Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla" team went the extra mile this past weekend in accordance with its Eva Unit 01 themed Toyota Corolla Axio, donning race suits based on Eva pilot Shinji Ikari's Plug Suit.

Unlike the young EVA unit pilots of "Neon Genesis Evangelion," the drivers and their crew don't seem to be literally battling a horrifying version of the apocalypse. After finishing their most recent Super GT300-class race in 14th place, though, the team may be feeling a similar amount of pressure to advance to first.

Evangelion's official Web site has more info on the racing team (which fans who speak race car will likely understand much better than I), but the bottom line is that Tokyo 3 should be safe from any car-based angel attacks for the time being as long as drivers Koki Saga and Kosuke Matsuura remember to repeat the mantra "I mustn't drive away."
[Via Anime News Network]