Following mockup reveals at Comic-Con and prototype appearances at New York Comic Con, DC Direct has solicited its final version of its New 52 Justice League Batman action figure based on the art of DC co-publisher (and Justice League artist) Jim Lee. Arriving in stores May 2, the 6.75" Batman is the first of an ongoing line. It's unclear what (if any) accessories the figure might come backed with. The product image silhouettes behind Bats show the versions of Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman and the Flash fans have been waiting on. Fans also know there's a New 52 version of Hawkman on the way, though not necessarily as part of the JL line. No Cyborg, though? What gives? In the meantime, maybe DC Direct's Flashpoint Cyborg can fill in? Or maybe Mattel will fill the void since they're doing New 52 toys now.

From NYCC:


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