As the sequel to perhaps the most celebrated Batman videogame of all time, we've been monitoring the progress of "Batman: Arkham City" as closely as any site that employs Chris Sims can. So far it's been paying off too, because as today's latest screen shots from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Rocksteady Studios Ltd. indicate, the game is going to strike some serious fear into criminals come next fall.The new batch of images mix what seem to be literal gameplay screen captures with concept art, but both are a treat for fans. Batman's new expansive environment allows for gliding, zip-lining and even old fashioned hanging around and looking scary. The Caped Crusader is far from alone in the city, however, as he's joined by concept art of Harley Quinn and what we can only assume are her or the Joker's incredibly creepy clown gang. As a certified coulrophobic, the release of "Arkham City" (and the clown face-punching that will immediately follow) should be a huge boon to my frail blogger psyche.

See the new "Arkham City" images below:

[Via Comic Vine]